Layne Marcelle Builders

Build on Your Lot

First Step

     Meet with us to discuss your land and what you are dreaming of for your home.  If you are still looking for land, call us and we will walk properties with you so that we can discuss problem areas and cost.

Second Step

     We introduce you to our architectural design partners to turn your dreams into floor plans.  Our partners are top of their fields and will talk you through each step of the design process - making sure you understand each part of the journey.

Third Step

     Now you have plans for your dream home and we can proceed to acquiring you an accurate bid cost to build your home.  What does this mean?  We meet with each of our subcontractors and give them a set of your blueprints.  They then price out all materials and labor and give us a bid of how much their part of the build will cost.  When all bids have come in, we put them all together and give you the full amount of your dream home will cost to build to your specifications.

Fourth Step

     Once we have finalized and reviewed the bid with you, we will tweak the bid if needed.  We want to be sure that you are comfortable with the cost and the materials used, so we will work on this as long as needed to make sure you are getting exactly what you want at the price you want. When we have both agreed to move forward, a contract will be signed and work will begin! 

Build on Your Lot